Wiki Loves Monuments 2016 in Tunisia will be a national photography contest taking place from September 1st to 30th. Participants will take and upload pictures of each item part of the National Heritage Institute list of heritage monuments. At the end of this period, a jury will select the best pictures and prizes will be awarded during a public ceremony.

Do you want to enter the contest and have a chance to win one of the offered prizes? The only thing to do is to upload at least one photo of a monument on Wikimedia Commons. All photographers, either amateur or professional, are invited to participate in the contest!

Here are the basic rules for this contest (full regulation is available in French):

To participate, follow these steps:

  • Make sure you have an account on Wikimedia Commons with a valid email address (necessary for communications with the jury) and create one if necessary
  • Identify as many monuments as you want in the official list
  • If present, click the icon  in the « Illustration » column of the chosen monument to consult existing photos, this can help you in better targeting your photos
  • Take a photo of the monument or select photos that you have taken previously
  • During the contest period, upload pictures on Wikimedia Commons, by going to the official list and then by clicking the icon Fichier:Camera-photo Upload.svg in the « Illustration » column of the monument, this is important to allow a proper identification

In case of questions, please contact the contest organizers at

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